R-Ladies NYC Lightning Talks

We are hosting a very special event - lightning talks from the R-Ladies community! Come out to hear a variety of R and Data Science talks.

This event will be hosted over Zoom, and the link will be available on this Meetup page and sent to all attendees at noon on the day of the event.


7-7:05: Welcome and R-Ladies NYC Announcements

7:05-8:30: Lightning Talks!

Talks and Speakers:

  • “Partial Correlation Networks in R” – Erin McDonnell
  • “Batch Production of Reports in RMarkdown” – Alyssa Goldberg
  • “Time Series Analysis of Bird Migrations Above NYC Skies Using bioRad” – Mei Guan
  • “Webscraping with ‘rvest’” – Anisha BharathSingh
  • “Intro to Latent Variable Modeling” – Apoorva Srinivasan
  • “Automating Reports with Gmailr” – Samantha Emanuele
  • “How to create a bookdown book in 5 minutes” – Joyce Robbins
  • “Model Explainability and Interpretability” – Isabel Zimmerman
  • “Website Checkout Funnel Analysis in R” – Christina Kim
  • “The ‘comorbidity’ package” – Yolanda BarrĂ³n
  • “Using Google Trends data to assess the impact of COVID-19 on suicidality and suicide - risk factors” – Emily Halford
  • “Melvin: a DL-based companion bot” – MaryLena Bleile

Meetup event