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We’re so excited to have Angeline, Anisha, Emily, and Sharla talk about their experience with sharing their work through blog posts and twitter! Please email us at with your question(s) for our amazing panelists to address, or submit them below in the comments.

This event will be hosted over Zoom. A link will be sent to all attendees at noon on the day of the event.

Panelist Bios

Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson is a senior data scientist at Warby Parker, where she works on a centralized team tackling some of the company‚Äôs biggest projects. She is the author of the book “Build a Career in Data Science”, a guide to all the non-technical skills and knowledge you need to get into and succeed in data science, with Jacqueline Nolis. She regularly gives talks and writes on her blog,, about A/B testing, programming in R, career advice, and more.

Emily’s website is You can also find her on GitHub and Twitter.

Anisha BharathSingh

Anisha BharathSingh is currently an SEO Analyst at Omnicom Media Group, with over 2.5 years in Digital Marketing. Last year, she started learning R in order to improve her data skills and learn about data science. In addition to that, she started a blog to showcase the data + R skills that she has been learning along with writing about data-related Meetups and books.

Anisha’s blog is You can also find her on GitHub and Twitter.

Angeline Protacio

Angeline is a data scientist at Protacio Analytics LLC, consulting on projects spanning different disciplines. She is currently growing her data science expertise through the data science bootcamp program at Metis. Her background is in epidemiology and genetics and has experience working with data relating to mental health, breast cancer risk, and environmental risk factors. She spends her free time trying to win at fantasy baseball (with data) and practicing French.

Angeline’s website is You can also find her on GitHub and Twitter.

Sharla Gelfand

Sharla Gelfand is a freelance R developer focusing on package development and reproducible reporting workflows. She is a long-time R user and co-organizer of the Toronto R-Ladies chapter and frequently shares old and new favourite #rstats functions via the hashtag #TwoFunctionsMostDays on Twitter.

Sharla’s blog is You can also find her on GitHub and Twitter.

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