Q&A with Authors of "Build a Career in Data Science"

Authors of “Build a Career in Data Science” Emily Robinson and Jacqueline Nolis will read selections from their book and discuss why they were meaningful and what thinking went into making it. In this session you’ll learn about some of the higher-level thinking that went into designing a book to help people excel in their data science careers, as well as hear stories from Emily and Jacqueline’s pasts that ended up shaping the narrative. After Emily and Jacqueline discuss their book, the floor will open so anyone can ask their data science career questions!

This event will be hosted over Zoom, and the link will be available on this Meetup page and sent to all attendees at noon on the day of the event.


7-7:05 pm: R-Ladies NYC Announcements

7:05-7:40: Emily & Jacqueline talk about their book

7:40-8:15: Audience Q&A

8:15-8:20: Wrap-up

Speaker Bios

Emily Robinson is a senior data scientist at Warby Parker, where she works on a centralized team tackling some of the company’s projects. She previously worked at DataCamp, where she built and ran their experimentation analytics system, and at Etsy, where she worked with their search team.

Dr. Jacqueline Nolis is a principal data scientist at Brightloom where she creates models to help restaurants and retailers improve the customer experience. She has a PhD in Industrial Engineering, and has over a decade of experience with helping companies use data, ranking from DSW to Airbnb. For fun Jacqueline likes to use data science for humor—like using deep learning to generate offensive license plates.

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