Leading R Trainings & Prototyping with flexdashboards

Our very own R-Ladies NYC board members Erin Grand and Kaelen Medeiros will give two short talks this month on leading R trainings for coworkers and flexdashboard!

This event will be hosted over Zoom, and the link will be available on this Meetup page and sent to all attendees at noon on the day of the event.


7-7:05 pm: R-Ladies NYC Announcements

7:05-7:30: “Leading R Trainings for Coworkers” by Erin Grand

7:30-7:55: “flexdashboard for Prototyping and Profit” by Kaelen Medeiros

7:55-8:15: Questions and wrap-up

Title: Leading R Trainings for Coworkers

Presenter: Erin Grand

Abstract: Erin has lead a set of 6+ R trainings for her coworkers ranging from “Introduction to Tidyverse” to “Using SQL and R Together.” Leading such trainings, while using many of the same teaching skills, offer different challenges from teaching in a workshop or classroom setting. Erin will discuss the Why’s, How’s, and Best Practices she’s learned over the past few years of leading trainings.

Bio: Erin works as a Data Scientist at Uncommon Schools where she trains coworkers in R as well as maintaining two R packages. Prior to Uncommon, she worked as a Data Scientist at Crisis Text Line, and a software programmer at NASA while completing her Data Science Masters at Columbia University. Before data science, Erin researched star formation and taught introductory courses in astronomy and physics at the University of Maryland.

Title: flexdashboard for Prototyping and Profit

Presenter: Kaelen Medeiros

Abstract: The flexdashboard package allows you to build Shiny dashboards quickly using a RMarkdown document. This is advantageous in situations where you need to prototype a data product (often a dashboard or interactive report) and need to sell stakeholders on the value of the product built. Kaelen will talk about the basics of using flexdashboard and then give tips on utilizing it to build data product MVPs (minimum viable products) to communicate vision to stakeholders, plus discuss flexdashboard extensions and how to go about converting your flexdash to a Shiny dashboard (if you’re ready or even need to!)

Bio: Kaelen is a data scientist at Medidata Solutions where they work as an R programmer on the microservices team. They’ve also worked at Spring Health, DataCamp, HERE Technologies, and have done a fair amount of R and Shiny consulting on the side. Kaelen was at various times a film theorist, preschool teacher, test prep tutor, videographer, and nanny before getting a MS in biostatistics from LSU Health Sciences Center in 2016 and starting to work as a statistician and data scientist. They have a cat named Scully and enjoy talking about podcats, aliens, data, and would love to see a photo of your pet if you’re sharing.

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