Tidy Tuesday Code-laboration

Details Join us for a collaborative exploration of the Tidy Tuesday dataset of the week! First, we will have a short demo of working through a previous Tidy Tuesday dataset, led by Ludmila Janda. Then we will work in groups to do some exploration and visualization of the dataset of the week and then we will come together to share our work. No preparation is necessary but participants are welcome to check out the dataset(s) and come with any ideas they may have.

R Package Workshop

Bring your laptop and come out to our next workshop to learn about building your very own R package! Visit our Meetup page to RSVP. Details Sebastian’s workshop will focus on R package development from the ground up. We will cover package structure, set-up, creating functions, documentation, testing, dependencies, sharing the package with others, package vignettes, hex stickers, and other methods. An example package will be developed during the workshop so attendees can follow along and create their own.

Git with Joyce

We are kicking off this year with an introduction to Github by Joyce Robbins. Visit our Meetup page to RSVP. Details This is a hands on workshop so please bring your laptop to follow along and please be prompt to make sure the workshop kicks off on time:) Date: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 Time: 6:30pm Host: Columbia University (1255 Amsterdam Ave, Room 903) About Joyce Joyce Robbins, Ph.D., is Lecturer in Discipline in the Statistics Department at Columbia University, where she specializes in data visualization.

Introduction to Shiny Apps using NBA data

Come out for our May event for a tutorial on Shiny! Julia Wrobel, a PhD candidate in biostatistics at Columbia University, will be teaching us to make and deploy Shiny apps using NBA data. The materials for this talk can be found on Julia’s website. Bring your laptops so that you can code as you go! Visit our Meetup page for more details and to RSVP. Date: Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Workshop: Functional Programming with Purrr

Data Visualization Workshop, Part 1