Git with Joyce

We are kicking off this year with an introduction to Github by Joyce Robbins.

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This is a hands on workshop so please bring your laptop to follow along and please be prompt to make sure the workshop kicks off on time:)

Date: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Time: 6:30pm

Host: Columbia University (1255 Amsterdam Ave, Room 903)

About Joyce

Joyce Robbins, Ph.D., is Lecturer in Discipline in the Statistics Department at Columbia University, where she specializes in data visualization. She is a member of the R Forwards (R Foundation taskforce on women and other under-represented groups) teaching team, and elected to serve as publications officer of the Statistical Graphics Section of the American Statistical Association Section beginning in 2018. Robbins received her doctorate in sociology from Columbia University, her M.A. in sociology and anthropology from Tel Aviv University and her B.S.E. in civil engineering and operations research from Princeton University.

Slides from Joyce’s talk can be found at their GitHub page.