R Package Workshop

Bring your laptop and come out to our next workshop to learn about building your very own R package!

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Sebastian’s workshop will focus on R package development from the ground up. We will cover package structure, set-up, creating functions, documentation, testing, dependencies, sharing the package with others, package vignettes, hex stickers, and other methods. An example package will be developed during the workshop so attendees can follow along and create their own.

Emily Zabor and Erin Grand are also going to be serving has TAs for this workshop.

Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Time 6:30pm

Host: Vroom (1375 Broadway Ave, 11th floor)

Sebastian’s Bio

Sebastian is a data scientist at Vroom, an ecommerce start-up that focuses on selling used cars that are delivered to your door. Previously, Sebastian was doing research on cancer genomics as a postdoc at Yale University. He has also been a strong advocate for R-Ladies and is an experienced CRAN package author.

Slides from Sebastian’s talk can be found on their GitHub page.