Publishing your R or Data Science book with Chapman & Hall/CRC


Together with the R-Ladies DC and Chicago chapters, we are thrilled to co-host this lunchtime presentation with editors from Chapman & Hall/CRC Press.

This event will be hosted over Zoom; the link will be available on this page the morning of the event, and the passcode will be emailed to you. R-Ladies is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone. We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form. Please take a moment to review the R-Ladies Global code of conduct (particularly if this is your first time attending!):

For questions regarding accessibility, please email us at

— Talk Abstract —

Abstract: In this very practical and interactive workshop, four book editors from Chapman and Hall/CRC will discuss why you should consider publishing an R or Data Science book and why you should work with CRC. The editors will go over the publishing process and provide best practices for shaping your ideas and submitting a book proposal; discuss their bestsellers and popular series as well as emerging topics and trends. The lively discussion will provide plenty of opportunities for the attendees to ask questions and discuss ideas.

— Bio —

Presenters: Randi Cohen is the Publisher for Computer Science and IT. She commissions across computer science, with a focus on the areas of Data Science, AI and Machine Learning, Computational Science, and Programming.

David Grubbs is a Senior Editor in Statistics. He commissions books in all areas of statistics and data science including but not limited to statistical and machine learning, statistical software, computational and applied statistics, books in R and Python, environmental statistics, data analytics and Bayesian statistics.

Lara Spieker is an Editor for Statistics. She commissions books in all areas of data science and statistics, such as computational and applied statistics, statistical software, books on R and Python, and Bayesian Statistics.

Rob Calver is a Senior Publisher for Statistics, Mathematics and Physics. He commissions books in statistics and data science.

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