Data Visualization - Color Palettes, Themes, and Schemes


For our June event, R-Ladies Anna Sofia Kircher and Joyce Robbins will share short talks about using color palettes, themes, and schemes to improve data visualization in R.

This event will be hosted over Zoom, and the link will be available on this Meetup page at noon on the day of the event.

Agenda (times approximate): 7-7:05 pm: R-Ladies NYC Announcements 7:05-7:30: “ggplot and I” by Anna Sofia Kircher 7:30-7:55: “Does your color palette match your data?” by Joyce Robbins 7:55-8:15: Questions and wrap-up

— Talk Abstract —

“ggplot and I” Speaker: Anna Sofia Kircher

Abstract: This talk will be about how to use ggplot themes and how to personalize them for your purposes. This is motivated by my own obsession with colors and my own experience that different plots with different audiences respond differently to different themes.

Bio: Anna Sofia Kircher is the data scientist at Lendable and works with data of various fintechs in emerging and frontier markets.

“Does your color palette match your data?” Speaker: Joyce Robbins

Abstract: One of the most common graphical mistakes is choosing an inappropriate color scheme for your data. In this talk, I’ll explain how sequential, diverging and qualitative color schemes are each suited to a different type of data. We’ll then look at a variety of plots that could be improved with alternative color choices. My hope is that these examples will serve as conversation starters for a lively discussion on matching color to data.

Bio: Joyce Robbins (@jtrnyc) is a Lecturer in the Department of Statistics at Columbia University. She specializes in data visualization and statistical literacy.

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