Lightning talks roundup

Our first lightning talk event on Thursday June 14, 2018 at OppenheimerFunds was a huge success! We had a great diversity of speakers from different fields and with different backgrounds who gave talks on a wide variety of R-related topics. Below find a roundup of the lightning talks, including links to slides and videos of each talk. Enjoy!

Breathing New Life into Old PowerPoint Templates: Kelly Dietz

Cooking Up Statistics: The Science & The Art: Letisha Smith

Cracking the Data Science Interview: Learning from Both Sides of the Interview Table: Catherine Zhou

Non-Representative Polls: Jennifer Kanjana

InteRactive: how to make your reports more engaging with R & Plotly: Gulya Radjapova

Debugging Data in R: Hannah Flaherty

Sum of Nothing: R, Python pandas, and the different ways to do math with missing data: Christine Zhang

Who Reads Whom: Text Mining Literary Interviews: Sarah Rankin

The Stories behind Missing Data: Policy and Practice in Social Services: Rika Gorn

Freak Your Factors: Luda Janda

Using R to Analyze Recruiting Pipelines: Maryam Jahanshahi

Reticulate: An R Interface to Python: Elizabeth Sweeney

Digital data extraction using R and other tools: Jaya Satagopan

Teaching the Tidyverse to Coworkers: Erin Grand