Hex Sticker Result

The R-Ladies NYC call for a hex sticker design produced three creative and unique submissions. We would like to thank Ayanthi Gunawardana, Kat Hoffman, and Ludmila Janda for their involvement with the R-Ladies NYC community and time spent crafting their designs! Below, each of these R-Ladies shares her inspiration behind her design:

Ayanthi Gunawardana: My goal was the keep the logo and colors as simple as possible to ensure it could be scaled to any size. I saw the negative space in the bottom of the “R” and immediately knew I wanted to use it creatively for the logo. I picked NYC landmarks that would fit in that space and ordered them in decreasing height to make sure it still looked like the letter “R”.

Kat Hoffman: I moved to New York last August and immediately realized one of my favorite activities—besides attending R-Ladies events, of course!—was walking around the city to look at all the amazing street art. I tried to emulate this urban uniqueness in my design while emphasizing inclusivity (rainbow color scheme) and iconic NYC (Statue of Liberty crown over “Ladies”). I really enjoyed learning Adobe Illustrator to make my submission, and I am looking forward to representing R-Ladies in ggplot form on my laptop soon!

Ludmila Janda: I was inspired by our city and wanted to find a way use data and R for the sticker so I got the heights of several iconic structures and their spires and made a graph with ggplot. Then I used google drawings to make buildings and laid them over the graph to make the final image, which I used with the hexSticker package for the final product. Many thanks to Guangchuang Yu for quickly closing my issue (#62) for his package in order to let the URL angle vary as parameter - I used that for the “NYC” part of the logo.

Congratulations to Ludmila Janda! Her design was chosen as the winner in a tight Twitter poll on June 20th. Please join us at future R-Ladies NYC events for your opportunity to snag a new hex sticker and represent our chapter!