Building Pipelines with Text and Data

We are excited this month to host two very active R-Ladies from our chapter: Amanda Dobbyn and Maryam Jahanshahi!

See our Meetup page to RSVP.


Date Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Time 6:00pm

Host WeWork (205 Hudson S)

Amanda’s talk will focus on the package ‘drake’. Drake is a package designed to make designing and executing analysis pipelines easier and more reproducible. In this talk Amanda will run through an example of how drake can be used to manage an analysis workflow.

Maryam’s talk will focus on designing and executing text processing pipelines. In this talk, Maryam will share lessons and takeaways on text processing and data management for natural language processing.

Amanda’s Bio

Amanda is a data scientist at Earlybird Software, a cloud application and data consulting company. She was previously an organizer of R-Ladies Chicago before escaping that frozen tundra for this one.

Maryam’s Bio

Maryam is a Research Scientist at TapRecruit, a software startup that helps companies improve the fairness and efficiency of their recruiting processes. In a past life, Maryam was a cancer biologist and a data journalist. In a future life, Maryam hopes to be a carpenter!


6-6:30pm: Arrival and networking

6:30-7:30pm: Talks

7:30-8pm: Networking