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Book Club Meeting

Request for 2019 Lightning Talk Submissions

R-Ladies NYC are excited to be hosting an evening of lightning talks on Wednesday June 19! We held this event last year and it was a tremendous success, so we are really excited about the event this year! Lighting talks are five minute talks. You can talk about anything R, Tech, and/or Data Science related. Looking for ideas? How about talking about a cool package you found, how you use R in your company, a favorite learning resource, your journey into Data Science, or a side project you’ve been working on?

Request for R-Ladies Logo Submissions

We are excited to announce that we are holding open submissions for an R-Ladies NYC logo for hex stickers! Design notes: the R-Ladies font is Open Sans and the colors are #88398a (Purple) & #a7a9ac (Gray), though the logo can use variants of these colors and other colors. Here is the repo for the R-Ladies logo as a reference. Also, the hexSticker package is useful, but you are welcome to use any tool you desire!

Data Science Journeys and Fantasy Baseball with R

R Package Workshop

Bring your laptop and come out to our next workshop to learn about building your very own R package! Visit our Meetup page to RSVP. Details Sebastian’s workshop will focus on R package development from the ground up. We will cover package structure, set-up, creating functions, documentation, testing, dependencies, sharing the package with others, package vignettes, hex stickers, and other methods. An example package will be developed during the workshop so attendees can follow along and create their own.

Building Pipelines with Text and Data

We are excited this month to host two very active R-Ladies from our chapter: Amanda Dobbyn and Maryam Jahanshahi! See our Meetup page to RSVP. Details Date Tuesday, February 12, 2019 Time 6:00pm Host WeWork (205 Hudson S) Amanda’s talk will focus on the package ‘drake’. Drake is a package designed to make designing and executing analysis pipelines easier and more reproducible. In this talk Amanda will run through an example of how drake can be used to manage an analysis workflow.

Book club: Algorithms to live by